Snowy Owl in Boundary Bay Canada

Snowy Owl

A Reference for North and Central American Owls

Snowy Owl is found around the world in northern tundra regions. Breeding along a narrow band of arctic and subarctic coastal tundra worldwide, this owl migrates in the winter, in our covered area, into the interior plains of Canada and the northern US. It is the most massive of the North American owls, believed to be one of the most powerful owls in the world, and maybe the world’s most nomadic bird species. Although the Snowy Owl is also probably the most recognized owl in the world, the very light races of Great Horned Owls and Barn Owls are frequently misidentified as Snowy Owls. With the advent and more common use of radio tracking technologies in recent times much of what was thought to be known about this spectacular raptor has been completely rewritten. New technologies have shown a much lower population than was previously thought and global warming may make this species one of the vulnerable species in immediate risk. Here you will find photos and a brief field notes section to help identify, find, and enjoy this beautiful owl.

A more in depth write up can be found on its natural history page.

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