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Here you will find information on how to help and contact us. is dedicated to promoting a greater interest and preservation for owls. Share a little with others so we can make this a great resource for all. Send all questions, comments, photos… to Dan Lockshaw.

Let us know of mistakes. has a lot of pages and we do miss things. If, by chance, you find any spelling errors or missing links, please let us know.

Requesting information change. If you disagree with any of the text or range maps, we are always interested in hearing from others who have different knowledge. We’ll either explain our position or make changes.

Send photos – If you have good identifiable photos of any owl and you would like to share them… please e-mail them to us. Please include the general area, the month and year the photo was taken and (optional) any information you would like to share as text. All photos are credited to the photographer.

Writing articles – If you are doing research or working with owls and you would like to share your work, please let us know. Much of what is being done with owls is not readily available to the general public. is interested in articles written by those doing studies on owls. An upcoming section on owls, written by people who are doing research, is coming soon.

Interesting stories – Share your experiences. If you have an interesting story or experience with owls, share it with others who are also interested in owls. A new section for sharing owl information and stories is also coming soon.

Requests for new information – If there is something new you would like to see on the site, write us. We are always looking for new ideas and things that will attract more readers and strengthen the site as a great reference.

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