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Other Great Sites to Visit

Below are links we have gathered to other websites related to Owls. Enjoy!

 The Owl Pages
A very comprehensive site for owls of the world. Extensive sections for North American and Australian owls. Pictures, sounds and in-depth text for each owl. A great reference that  is not to be missed.

Guatemala is an attractive birding destination in Central America with more than 740 bird species and a high diversity of ecosystems.

 Kern County Birding (California)
Kern County has a surprising variety of birds. Alison Sheehey has done an outstanding job with this one. Another nice County Web Site that makes the internet so great!

 Joe Morlan’s California Birding Pages
You sure wouldn’t want to bird California without checking here first. This is the ultimate resource for what is happening in California Birding.

Ninepipes Center for Research and Education (Montana)
These are the Pros for owl research. An excellent site and organization. If you are interested in owling in North America this is a great site to start with.

photographs by Douglas Herr
Doug has a whole site of very nice nature photos. Some of his excellent owl photos are on this site.

Don Baccus Photography
Don has a very nice site with many excellent nature photos. Some of his excellent owl photos are on this site.

A very large UK site with world-wide birding information, trip reports, guides, books, tours, clubs, 9000 links etc.

A UK site with an ever growing collection of birdwatching trip reports from all around the world.

Kibbutz Lotan Center for Birdwatching
If you are planning a trip or interested in birding Israel, this is a can’t miss site.

David L Flores Photography
Many very nice photos here of a Snowy Owl that showed up in Clinton County, Ohio.

Owlman’s Boreal Owl Page
Bill Lane has put up a Website for his Boreal Owl studies in Minnesota. Great info, stories… et. about the Boreal Owl.

Boreal Owl Prowl – Daryl Aspery has a nice owl site with many owl photos and info for Boreal and Northern Hawk Owl.

Barn Owl Headquarters
Great site with lots of info on Barn Owls and nest boxes in the farming community. Includes considerations on location, building, dimensions… et.

Jennifer’s Owl Page
Jennifer has dedicated here home page to owl-related links and information. Lots of photos and hard-to-find resources for owl enthusiasts.

Project Owlnet
A site dedicated to Saw-whet Owl migration with extensive information that includes determination of sex, age, banding techniques… et.

Paul Asimow’s snowy owl page
Paul has organized a large collection of Snowy Owl photos. The site also includes the name for Snowy Owl in many languages.

STEENUILwerkgroep Groningen
A site devoted to the Little Owl in the Netherlands.