Barred Owl

Choco Screech-Owl

A Reference for North and Central American Owls

Choco Screech-Owl (pronounced chōkō) is a new species of owl that is not found in most Central American bird or owl reference guides. It is a resident species from the Panama Canal zone east into north-western Columbia with a minor disjointed population in Western Ecuador. This small screech-owl has long been misidentified and combined with the Vermiculated Screech-Owl of Costa Rica and Western Panama. It is indeed a different and new owl species in Central America. Choco Screech-Owl is found in both red and brown color forms. It is an owl that lives in dense lowland rainforest habitats. Included here on is a comparative write-up of this species alongside its closely related relatives in Central America.

Below you can find photos, sounds, video, description, and what little information is available on this exciting new species of owl in the north-western hemisphere.

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