Checklist of North American Owls

North American Owls Checklist

A Reference for North American Owls

Convenient Owl Checklists

The checklists below include all owls that are possible in North America. In this context North America is defined as continental USA and Canada. They are sorted by Common Name, Scientific Name, Taxonomic Order, and Size. This is intended to help the reader find an owl by what they know, read, or see. Special color codes have also been added to owls that are generally only in North America during breeding (spring and summer) and to owls that are unusual vagrants (winter and summer). The common and scientific names are sorted alphabetically. The taxonomic list is sorted as they are classified in science. The size list sorts the owls by size (length) that may help the reader find an owl they see by its size. All owls are linked to their individual pages that have pictures, calls, video, range maps, and discussion about the species.

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