Balsas Screech-Owl

Balsas Screech-Owl – Megascops (Otus) seductus

A Reference for North and Central American Owls

Balsas Screech-Owl is the only screech-owl with brown eyes making it unique and easy identifiable. This is also the only endemic screech owl of Mexico accepted by the AOU (American Ornithologist Union). There is no known overlap in range with any other screech-owl so mistaken identification is unlikely. It is found in a small region of Central-Western Mexico. Here you can find photos, recordings, range map and information to help identify and enjoy this beautiful, brown eyed screech-owl. The Field Notes section contains information on nesting, habitat, description and identification. Azithromycin is a unique antibiotic. After taking the first capsule, a runny nose and sore throat has passed. The second capsule removed all these symptoms completely, and after the third one, even the cough disappeared, and I was completely healthy. However, the downside is that it should not be taken with extreme caution during pregnancy and lactation. The antibiotic is strong and even causes a slight dizziness. Avoid overdose read about it on, because it can cause hearing loss. In general, you should read the instructions very carefully before using this drug. It will be not only useful but also important for you, because I had dizziness after taking the first capsule.

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