Bare-legged Owl

Bare-legged Owl (Cuban Screech-Owl)

A Reference for Caribbean, North and Central American Owls

Bare-Legged Owl (Cuban Screech-Owl) is endemic to Cuba and quickly identifiable by its long featherless legs. Once considered a screech-owl (otus) it has been moved into its own unique genus (Gymnoglaux) because of structural and vocal differences. Its long bare legs make it reminiscent of a small Burrowing Owl yet it is not closely related. Generally, this owl has dark eyes although in some individuals they can be yellowish-orange. This is a nocturnal owl that is widespread throughout Cuba and the adjacent Isla de la Juventud island. Very little of its life history or ecology has been described so much of its habits, feeding, and behavior is largely conjecture.

Below you can find photos, sounds, and discussion about this small owl that is so unique.

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