American Barn Owl

A Reference for the Caribbean, North and Central American Owls

American Barn Owl is widespread across the US, Mexico, Caribbean, and Central America. It is commonly associated with open country in lowland habitats. Habitat loss continues to be the major issue threatening this owl. Currently it is listed in half of the US states as a species of special concern and in southern Canada as either endangered or threatened. The Tytonidae family is one of only two owl families that make up all the world’s owls. American Barn Owl is the only member of the Tytonidae family found on the mainland of North or Central America although other members of this family can be found in the Caribbean. Additionally, some owls found in the Caribbean that are considered American Barn Owls have different calls and appearance and will certainly be further split into their own unique species as more studies are done in the future.  Here you will find videos, photos, audio recordings and a brief field notes section to help understand, identify, and enjoy this beautiful owl.

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