snowy-owl450About the Site

A Reference for North and Central American Owls is dedicated to the enjoyment, identification, and preservation of the North and Central American owls. The site has two main multimedia sections intended to give a good rounded view for each of the owls. There are lots of pictures and sounds for those who just enjoy nature and also detailed text information for the student and/or enthusiast who are studying or trying to identify them. was set up under the belief that we will only protect these wonderful winged predators through education, knowledge and a general appreciation for them. As I write the pages for this site, the words of a friend and fellow birder, Ed Stonick, come to mind: “Fraternal and Cooperative Birding”. In this spirit was created.

The graphics section contains photos, video, sound files and a brief field notes section that has the critical information for identifying each owl in the field. This section is what the internet is great for, with a multimedia approach to owl identification. There is multiple photos and sound files intended to give a rounded view of each of the species. Other races of the same species of owl may vary slightly in coloration and sound.

The biology section contains species accounts, range maps and natural histories. The North (and Central) American range map for each of the owls is a breeding range map for all of the subspecies. The map may also include winter movements for the highly migratory species of owls. The natural history and biology write ups for each owl include subspecies information, measurements, weights, description (adult and young), habitat, food, feeding habits, breeding, movements and lifespan.

This is a free site with no fees or costs for the information contained here. All research, information and graphics have copyrights to protect them from being commercially exploited. This is freely available for use by students and individuals who will not publish, distribute (internet or otherwise), or publicly display the content provided within the site. The multimedia and biology sections are cross linked so navigating between these areas is simple from each section. Remember that all the information within, is free to those interested in owls. A tremendous amount of work has gone into the site and the information contained here. Please do not duplicate, publicize, or use the information without permission.

The conservation of nature is a responsibility we all hold. Each of us is a little different and the methods we use to see and conserve nature is also a little different. The concerns for both mankind and nature need to find harmony or we will loose the precious and irreplaceable biodiversity of our world. The concerns for people’s livelihood as well as the conservation of nature must find a common ground. Landowners and environmentalists will set the stage as to what we leave for our children. Somewhere there is a balance between the concerns of landowners, developers, naturalists and environmentalists. The growth of our population, disappearance of habitat and our own differences in belief and levels of concern for nature are very real threats to the preservation of the planet. is not a forum for debate on how to solve these problems. There is very little controversial information contained here for the methods of owling or the conservation of land. There are no exact locations for any of the birds because of the immensity of the internet and the potential pressure this would add to specific groups of individuals. General locations and dates are given for each of the photos and sound files so that specific races (subspecies) can be determined. If the viewer of the site gains a little appreciation for the owls and their awesome splendor, then that is good enough!

Enjoy your owling and experience in the site.