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March 5-6, Houston, MN

2nd Annual Festival of Owls in Houston, MN

If you like owls, you don't want to miss the Festival of Owls. The Festival centers on the permanently injured Alice the Great Horned Owl, who works at the Houston Nature Center, and is a celebration of her "hatch-day." This year she will be turning seven.

One of the biggest draws to the Festival is Marge Gibson and her live owls. Not only did Marge rehabilitate Alice, she is known internationally for her rehabilitation skills. Whether you're familiar with Marge's impressive credentials or not, her Saw-whet Owl, Eastern Screech-Owl, Long-eared Owl, Barred Owl, and Barn Owl (along with Alice the Great Horned Owl, of course) make for an excellent array of close encounters with the owl kind.

World renowned owl expert and founder of the Owl Foundation in Ontario, Canada, Katherine (Kay) McKeever will be speaking at our banquet. At 78 years old she is still as witty as ever, and knows more about owl behavior than you'll ever find in books.

The Festival holds fun for all family members. Activities range from owl storytelling with owl puppets to an owl prowl to call in wild owls. Harry Potter fans and aspiring owl callers will not be disappointed. Bring your appetite for specialty owl foods and your wallet for all kinds of owl merchandise.

For more information, please contact the Houston Nature Center at 507-896-4668, nature@acegroup.cc, or log on to our website at www.houstonmn.com.

And yes, for these two days, our city's name is to be pronounced "Hoo-ston."

Schedule of events

FRIDAY, March 5
6:00 PM Banquet ($20/plate) with Kay McKeever speaking
"A Second Chance For Owls"

10:00 AM Owl Storytelling and Owl Craft for 1st grade & down
10:00 AM Owl Storytelling with Puppets for 2nd grade & up
10:30-6:00 PM Owl Merchandise for Sale
11:00 AM Live Owl Program with Marge Gibson & 6 species of owls
12:00-4:30 PM Alice the Owl's Hatch-Day Party
   Snacks, Owl Face-painting, Owl Origami
1:00 PM Build An Owl for kids 2-6 yrs
1:00 PM Owl Game Show
2:00 PM Looking in on a Snowy Owl Family video with Kay McKeever
3:00 PM Live Owl Program with Marge Gibson and 6 species of owls
4:30 PM Owl-Calling Workshop with Laura Erickson
4:30-6:30 PM At Home With Alice video (continuous run)
6:30 PM Owl Prowl
6:30-9:30 PM The Owls of Harry Potter, Truth vs. Fantasy with Laura Erickson a.k.a. Professor McGonagOWL

*Owl food available throughout town during the day.




Karla Kinstler
PO Box 667
Houston, MN 55943
507-896-HOOT (507-896-4668)

Houston Nature Center
215 W Plum St
Houston, MN 55943

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